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Catchpole Lettings

Serviced Accommodation Management Specialists in North Essex and Suffolk


Why Choose

Catchpole Lettings?

Here at Catchpole Lettings we are passionate about creating a serene and tranquil experience for all of our guests. Whether it be coming home after a busy day at work or exploring everything the local area has to offer.

Run by husband and wife team Ray and Natasha, they created the company for the sole aim of wanting to get into the hospitality business to provide experiences that people would look back on to remember.

We truly believe that the meaning of life is the acquisition of memories and absolutely love going away ourselves for business and leisure to exploring areas that provide that perfect mix of leisure and activities. We know that right now there is  a lot of uncertainty in the property world with it becoming harder and harder to turn a profit therefore we help landlords to make more money but turning their properties into short term accommodation and managing every aspect for them from setting up listings, guest bookings and interactions, maintenance issues, cleaning processes and teams and guest complaints

With this in mind carefully consider where we chose to open up new accommodation to ensure it meets what we would expect ourselves and we stay at all of our accommodation before they go live in order to ensure they are set up effectively and efficiently to allow you a hassle free and relaxing stay.


The company itself was established in 2019 and has 11 apartments available for short stays in Essex and Suffolk. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help manage your property.


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